PCP MEDIA RELEASE - Tuesday 31 March 2020


As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Pacific region reaches 114, the Australian Government must urgently ramp up its assistance to Pacific nations to help them manage the health and economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on their communities.

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A COVID-19 Message for the Pacific

Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude Mostowik

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today’s gospel proclaims the truth that Jesus is the lord of life. He has power to call us out of our tomb. We do not have to be physically dead in order to be raised up. We can be dead in the midst of life when we remain indifferent (‘globalisation of indifference’ as Pope Francis called it) to the plight of other people and unable to weep with them. Is this not like living in a tomb? Jesus’ voice calls us all away from making the tomb our natural habitat.

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