Copenhagen: A Peoples' Preparation - Across Rising Waters

Climate change advocates from within church groups in Australia are heading for the Pacific island nation of Kiribati to strategise with colleagues there, on how they will communicate the plight of the people of Kiribati at the UN Climate Change Summit when the two groups travel to Copenhagen together in December.

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Kenyan Women Facing Genital Mutilation Need Protection Urgently

The cases of Grace Gichuhi and Teresia Muturi, who have been told by the Department of Immigration to return to Kenya where they fear genital mutilation, are clear examples of the need for complementary protection, according to the Edmund Rice Centre.

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ERC Statement on Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka - Urgent need for independent reporting

Our only concern is for the peace of all the people of Sri Lanka: Sinhalese, Tamil, Burger, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian. 

At present the world lacks accurate independent and reliable information about what is happening in the north of the country. Unlike when the devastating tsunami hit Sri Lanka aid agencies and the international media have yet to allowed access to the region. A war, such as the one Sri Lankans have endured for three decades, is no less a disaster for the people who are innocently caught up in its prosecution and aftermath. 

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