Edmund Rice Feast Day 2018

Reflection by Claude Mostowik msc on the Feast Day of Edmund Rice 2018

One description of Pope Francis’ papacy has been that of a ministry of gestures. Where John Paul II was a philosopher/poet and Benedict XVI the strict academician/theologian, Francis evangelises the culture and touches people’s hearts by the way of beauty where many have been captivated by stirring images of an approachable churchman — hugging children, kissing disfigured individuals, washing the feet of women and convicted persons on Holy Thursday – crucially outside St Peter’s. 

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Justice Literary Writing Competition

A celebration of young people's creativity in writing and passion for social justice, human rights and eco-justice.

How to enter:

Students are invited to submit a piece of creative writing (can include a short story, poem, speech, opinion piece, feature article, a video, a script, song or song lyrics etc) that has a focus on issues of social justice, including Aboriginal justice, refugees and
people seeking asylum, climate change, homelessness, mental health, gender equality and bullying.

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ANZAC DAY 2018 Reflection

Reflection notes from Fr Claude Mostowik msc
Wednesday 25 April 2018 - St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne

Romans 12:2ff: ‘Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking……….’ We can and must rearrange our priorities….

How do we want to remember ANZAC or any war? To suggest changes in the way we think about Anzac is dangerous territory. The contemporary focus on this sacred day is changing from an inherent opposition to militarism since the 1920’s to a sudden reinvigoration of ANZAC which seems to contribute to a new militarism and nationalism. Whatever this day means, we must recognise that we are all part of ‘the dark ecosystem of violence’ – whether towards Aboriginal people, refugees, asylum seekers, the Earth or peoples we have never met.

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