Industrial Relations Reforms: Prosperity or Disaster?

2005 - Volume 8 Number 3

A review of proposed changes to industrial relations legislation by the Federal Government and arguments for and against the reforms. From July 1, 2005 the Coalition Government has control of both houses of Parliament. It has been well documented that John Howard views industrial relations change as the most important agenda item in this coming term. What are the changes and what will they mean for workers and their rights?


Governments dismantle ‘A Fair Go’ for All

2005 - Volume 8 Number 2

Recent government economic priorities continue the attack on many Australian families who are already doing it tough. The NSW Government has recently made extensive changes to the public housing sector closely followed by the Commonwealth Government’s so called “welfare to work” reforms designed to push welfare recipients into the workforce, a workforce where the casualisation of jobs is now the norm.


Mental Health in Australia: A State of Urgency

2005 - Volume 8 Number 1

Mental health in Australia today is in crisis. Under the National Mental Health Strategy institutional care has moved to community based care, but this has evolved with no effective management system that is able to provide high quality primary care or the necessary support structures to live productively within the wider community.


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