Kakuma Refugee Camp: A Humanitarian Crisis in Progress

2006 - Volume 9 Number 2

The notorious Kakuma Refugee Camp is located in Northern Kenya, an arid, drought-affected region populated by the nomadic Turkana people. The population of the camp is made up of nine nationalities and dozens of ethnic groups, although the majority are refugees from fighting in the Sudan and Somalia.



Practical Reconciliation or a New Level of Paternalism?: Evaluating Shared Responsibility Agreements

2006 - Volume 9 Issue 1

Under the increasingly common Shared Responsibility Agreements, or SRAs, Indigenous communities have to barter for basic goods and services in exchange for changes in their behavior or hygiene.


Defending our way of life or a new police state

2005 - Volume 8 Issue 7

The Government is using the threat of terrorism to introduce laws that put our most basic civil liberties under threat. The ramifications have the potential to be as terrifying as terrorism itself.


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