Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

First Sunday of Advent

In the reading from Isaiah and response to the Psalm there is communal lament -a prayer of people amid suffering. In the reading from Isaiah they lamented their deep suffering as a people—they are overburdened and oppressed, feeling abandoned by their ancestors and by their God. They even blamed God for their situation. But their prayer shifted from lamentation to belief in God at work in their lives based on the hope that the God who was present in their past would manifest a renewed goodness and mercy in their present suffering.

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Proud to sponsor the Tungaru Youth Action delegation to #COP28UAE

It is an honour to be able to help sponsor the Tungaru Youth Action delegation to #COP28UAE in Dubai via our Pacific Calling Partnership initiative. We wish you safe travels and every blessing for what promises to be a very trying two weeks ahead. Tekeraoi!

The world needs more Talanoa

Have you heard about the millenia-old, Pacific Islander tradition of dialogue known as Talanoa? Two days ago, we brought this tradition of deep listening and consensus building for the first time right into our Balmain office and it was magical. Gathered around the sacred circle demarked by the Fala ('mat' in Tongan), our Talanoa brought together Australian National University students with Professor Katerina Teaiwa, Kabikabi/Gurang-Gurang man Ray Minniecon, PhD student Talei Mangioni and Rabi Island climate activist Rae Bainteiti. What ensued was a deep exchange of thoughts, feelings, knowledge and wisdom around the complex issue of climate justice.
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