The real story of Falun Gong

2006 - Volume 9 Number 7

Falun Gong has been at the centre of controversy within China and around the world. It has been outlawed by the Chinese Government and its practioners have faced persecution. This Just Comment examines Falun Gong and the claims of persecution made by its members.


UN Human Rights Standards and Indigenous Australia

2006 - Volume 9 Number 6

The United Nations Human Rights Council recently passed the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Here we examine how Australia compares to international human rights standards.


Climate Changing Our Neighbours' Future

2006 - Volume 9 Number 5

Climate Change is already having an impact on many low-lying Pacific nations. This Just Comment examines the impact on Kiribati as an example of the challenges posed by Climate Change more generally, and asks what Australia can do to assist our Pacific Neighbours.


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