Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Fourth Sunday of Easter

In each of today’s readings, we are invited to recognize Christ’s resurrection as a reality that transforms how we live and how we serve others every day. Most of us have some responsibility for others and so today’s gospel is for all of us especially those - parents, teachers, priests and bishops - who are entrusted with vulnerable people. The image of God as shepherd is central to the Bible. In Ezekiel it rebukes uncaring and unjust leaders. In Psalm 23, it is one of comfort and protection. It is a powerful symbol of Jesus, the humble servant who lays down his life for others. Prior to being enthroned in theology and art as imperial ruler or a tortured victim, Jesus was shepherd, teacher, and healer.

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Epeli Hau’ofa Memorial Lecture 2024: The Ocean Is Us with Reverend James Shri Bhagwan

The 2024 Australian Association for Pacific Studies (AAPS) Epeli Hau’ofa Annual Memorial lecture “The Ocean Is Us” which The Edmund Rice Centre co-hosted at the Australian Museum was delivered by Rev. James Shri Bhagwan and you can now watch Rev. Bhagwan's inspiring address.

Tragic events in Bondi Junction

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