Pacific civil society leading on climate: Kioa and beyond

This webinar was jointly organized by Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education and Caritas Australia. Guest speakers Mr Maina Talia (Tuvalu Climate Action Network Secretary) and Mr Joseph Sikulu (Pacific Managing Director for discussed candidly about the recent community-driven efforts on Kioa island, Fiji, as well as the challenges faced by the community organizations to advance the climate justice agenda.

The webinar was facilitated by Pacific Calling Partnership Coordinator Corinne Fagueret and Edmund Rice Centre intern from Tuvalu Mrs Teresa Lifuka Drecala-Peyster. 

Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Twenty Fifth Sunday of the Year

There is a saying attributed to Attila the Hun (5th century): ‘For me to be happy, it’s not just important that I succeed; it’s also important that everyone else fails.’  For many, success is measured by one’s job, one’s earnings, wealth, even the people who may subscribe to Facebook. Today, as ever, we are being called by the gospel to a different mindset that involves generosity, service, and responding to generosity offered. This is true with the October Voice to Parliament referendum as often with trade unions. A word often appearing is ‘unfair’ where a marginalised people for over 230 years might finally get a voice and be listened to is deemed unfair.

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Reconnecting with partners in Kiribati for climate justice

This month saw our first visit in 4 years to Kiribati, where we had the opportunity to reconnect with our partners Kiribati Climate Action Network, Tungaru Climate Alliance and Tungaru Youth Action. We also had the honour of working closely with 22 awesome emerging I-Kiribati climate leaders (pictured below) building on their leadership and advocacy skills. On this occasion Edmund Rice Community Services Executive Director Andree Brown joined us on our visit to better understand our work. In Andree's words: "Thank you again for a very enlightening and enjoyable week. Such privilege to have the community open up to us the way they did. A real treasure to hold." Ko Raba Kiribati. Thank you to each and everyone of you for partnering with us to work towards climate justice for all. Ninikoria to all of us! (Ninikoria is Courage in I-Kiribati).

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