Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee - Conditions and Treatment of of asylum seekers and refugees in regional processing centres

The Edmund Rice Centre's submisson calls for the closure of regional processing centres and an end to offshore processing and Operation Sovereign Borders. All asylum seekers and refugees be relocated to Australia to finalise their processing and the response of Australia to people who seek asylum in our country should be amended to reflect our international legal obligations.

We have also presented the Committee with an alternative plan to improve Australia’s current policy settings. Ultimately, Australia’s offshore processing regime is unsustainable. It is inevitable that sometime in the future a Government will launch a Royal Commission into

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Open Letter to Tony Abbott - Seeking asylum is not "illegal" - 4 December 2013

The Edmund Rice Centre has joined with a broad national coalitions of organisations calling for action from Prime Minister Tony Abbott to end the deliberate misrepresentation of asylum seekers that is being perpetrated by Government Ministers and MP's.

The coalition of 138 not-for-profit organisations has called for Prime Minister Abbott to stop the Government’s characterisation of asylum seekers arriving by boat as “illegal maritime arrivals”.

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COP21 Paris: Australia fails on real increase in support for most climate-vulnerable neighbours

The AUD Billion that Prime Minister Turnbull announced Australia will contribute over the next five years is not a new commitment and is not new money but will be drawn from the Government’s existing aid budget towards building climate resilience and reducing emissions.

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