Edmund Rice Centre Statement – Invasion Day 2022

26th January: A Day of Reflection

On 26th January 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip raised the Union Jack and proclaimed British sovereignty over the eastern part of the Australian continent. What historically started as a day to celebrate the founding of the British colony of New South Wales, January 26th has now become a day when most Australians celebrate national identity and unity. However, First Nations peoples perceive this celebration to be analogous to celebrating colonialism. First Nations peoples regard the 26th of January as Invasion Day, a Day of Mourning or Survival Day.

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Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude Mostowik

Fourth Sunday of the Year

It is rare for the readings seem to have a common theme. Love is the repeated message. Despite diverse expressions and different demands, it is constant and connected with justice: equity, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness. In Luke, Jesus was jump-started into action. Today’s gospel reading continues from last week with two diametrically opposed scenes in one narrative. The first is good news: Jesus reads the Isaiah scroll at the Nazareth synagogue. He preaches his first sermon and with one short verse announces: ‘Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.’ The people assume that God’s blessings and liberation is coming their way: that these are exclusively for them.

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Submission to the House of Representative Environment and Energy Committee on Climate Change

In 2021, PCP Pacific Outreach Officer Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang prepared a submission to the House of Representative Environment and Energy Committee on Climate Change expressing support for Independent MP Hon. Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bills. The PCP endorsed these Bills’ long-term commitment to emissions reduction through building a durable legal and policy framework for national climate action.

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