Celebrating World Day of Social Justice

On 26 November 2007, the General Assembly declared that, starting from the sixty-third session of the General Assembly, 20 February will be celebrated annually as the World Day of Social Justice. Proponents argue that promoting decent work and a fair globalization agenda focused on fundamental rights, employment opportunities, social protections, and constructive social dialogue between governments, employers, and workers is key to putting social justice at the core. The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education as a centre dedicated to advocacy and social justice stands in solidarity with others on this day recognising the importance of fairness and equitable treatment in work and the global economy. Click here for further information on the day.

Help end the war in Gaza

The Israeli Defense Forces are preparing for a ground invasion of Rafah, an area in the south of Gaza which 1.4 million Palestinians currently inhabit, many of them having fled from the north of Gaza to what they thought would be a "safe zone". According to the United Nations, a quarter of the population in Rafah is currently facing starvation. The consequences of a ground invasion would be catastrophic. We feel that we cannot watch this situation passively and need to lend our voice and your voice to speak up and do what we can to prevent further bloodshed. For this reason we urge you to sign our Call to Action and share it with your friends, family and networks. 
Click HERE to send an email to your local MP either in your own words or the template email provided on the linked page to advocate for strong diplomatic action by the Australian Government to help end the war in Gaza.

Reflections from Fr Claude

Second Sunday of Lent

In today’s transfiguration stories we are taken to high places - places of dreams and visions. In revelations there is testing where our sight is restrained, and horizons limited.  In Genesis, Abraham was adhering to the ancient Mesopotamian cultural requirement where firstborn sons and flock were sacrificed, but there was a moment of revelation in discovering that God rejects child/human sacrifice. Abraham listened to the God of life, peace and nonviolence, who not wanting death but life, said ‘stop.’ We see here the declaration that the God of life never requires human sacrifice.

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