Refugee week resource kit for teachers 2023

The 2023 Refugee Week Resource Kit for Teachers is compiled by Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education. It will assist teachers, students, and all members of the community to celebrate the contributions which refugees make to life in Australia.

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A conversation with Joe Morrison, CEO of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC)

A Juster(ER) Generation is a podcast series from the Edmund Rice Centre about conversations that matter.

On June 3rd, Edmund Rice Centre celebrated the contribution of Eddie Koiki Mabo whose high court case successfully challenged the legal fiction of Terra Nullius (nobody's land) and in turn changed Australia and the country’s view of history. In the second episode of a Just(ER) Generation 'Alopi Latukefu talks to Joe Morrison, head of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation, a body created as a direct result of the historic #Mabo decision 31 years ago.

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Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Body and Blood of Christ

Jesus was crucified because of the company he kept and the people he ate with. Eating together is a significant human activity. Stories and lives are shared. Relationships are renewed and strengthened. We are continually reminded that God is social, a God of relationship. Any spirituality or theology that disconnects us from the concerns of the world and contemporary social concerns should be dismissed.  And Eucharist begins and ends in a relationship. It reminds us that God is not a distant entity that we need to go out and find but is invested and incarnated in our lives.

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