From Just War to Just Peace

Though our world is studded by acts of violence and conflict from the Middle East to West Papua, from the Philippines to parts of Latin America and Sri Lanka to Africa, people remain convinced that the default position of responding to violence with more violence is unviable and ineffective. It is not in accord with being a follower of Jesus, who incarnates the God of Peace.


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Young leaders from the Pacific arrive in Sydney to lobby Australian politicians on climate change

A group of young leaders from Kiribati, Tuvalu and Sydney’s Pacific Island community will meet with Australian politicians about the urgent need to take action on climate change, as part of the Kiribati-Australia-Tuvalu Exchange Program (KATEP) which commenced on Saturday 4 June 2016.

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Voting for our Values - A Fair Deal for All

953714-1x1-700x700.jpgAs we prepare for the Federal Election we call to mind the values, which we hope will guide us at this time – human dignity, human rights, the common good, ecological responsibility, a fair deal for all, and preference for those ‘made’ poor. We know that global warming, the unprecedented number of people seeking asylum around the world, inequality, and economic injustices are clear challenges of our time.

NetAct - a Project of Catholic Social Justice, Welfare and Educational Agencies - has prepared this kit which we trust will assist you to consider which Parties/candidates would be most likely to work for structures and policies which would support these values and a sustainable way of living on the earth. A real challenge for us all.

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