Trinity Sunday

Sorry Day

Today we are called to root ourselves in who God is, and who we are called to be.  Without getting into obscure God-language, this God is deeply in relationship and into relationship which is not meant to be “explained,” but entered into and enjoyed. Today’s feast invites us into a down-to-earth reflection on God and ourselves as disciples. Jesus reveals a God who is not only ‘for us’ but ‘with us’ and ‘within us.’ This should challenge any tendencies to individualism and isolation.

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Youth Justice

Is Youth Crime Getting out of Hand?

Each night, especially on weekends, commercial news carries images of young people and crime. But how bad is youth crime? And if so, what type of offences are being committed? What factors are causing this increase in youth crime? Is it really getting out of hand?

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Response to 2024 Budget

Overall the Australian Government’s 2024 Budget is one that lacks vision and a clear path forward in the three policy areas which the Edmund Rice Centre focuses on: First Nations, Refugees and People Seeking Asylum, and Pacific climate justice.  More broadly, the Budget fails to address fundamental, long-term challenges facing everyday Australians, including the housing crisis and the underfunding of key services such as our public education system.

First Nations

The redirection of $20 million from support for a Voice to Parliament to other policy priorities is excused as being in line with the result of the recent Referendum. However, this decision is not in line with the bi-partisan commitment to the Uluru Statement from the Heart and its priorities, nor is it in line with Australia's international commitments as a signatory to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. 

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