A conversation with the campaign director of YES23 Mr. Dean Parkin

A Juster(ER) Generation is a podcast series from the Edmund Rice Centre about conversations that matter. In this episode, Campaign Director of Yes23 Mr. Dean Parkin talked about his life before the YES campaign and why he got involved with the campaign. Dean also discussed the importance of The Uluru Statement from the Heart as an invitation for all Australians and took the opportunity to debunk some of the myths about the Statement and what the proposal for a Voice to Parliament enshrined in Australia’s constitution is about.


Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year

Wherever we look, we see and experience inequity and injustice motivated by greed for land, money, and resources. We hear the UN Secretary General refer to our world as ‘boiling.’ We see mass migration and destruction. Today’s psalm raises the cry of a burdened people who throw themselves on God’s compassion and guidance. But are we listening? In Australia, the Philippines, and in the Amazon region, there is impoverishment, displacement. There is death for peasants, Indigenous people and environmental defenders. This is the ‘vineyard’ – our ‘Common Home’ –we are called to cherish, care for and nurture. 

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Pacific civil society leading on climate: Kioa and beyond

This webinar was jointly organized by Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education and Caritas Australia. Guest speakers Mr Maina Talia (Tuvalu Climate Action Network Secretary) and Mr Joseph Sikulu (Pacific Managing Director for 350.org) discussed candidly about the recent community-driven efforts on Kioa island, Fiji, as well as the challenges faced by the community organizations to advance the climate justice agenda.

The webinar was facilitated by Pacific Calling Partnership Coordinator Corinne Fagueret and Edmund Rice Centre intern from Tuvalu Mrs Teresa Lifuka Drecala-Peyster. 

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