Jazz Jam for Justice

Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Isaiah and St Paul tell their communities to hold on and wait in joyful hope for the coming of Jesus despite their circumstances. Yet, many people are trying to find reasons to rejoice in what seems a crazy and ever-changing world. Our reality is distorted by a constant inundation of bad news. It seems that where we look it seems that the bad guys are winning – something that John would also have felt before his death. No doubt many of us feel the same way. Jesus’ followers were drowning in bad news as we are today and some were reviled, ridiculed, persecuted and sidelined. There seems little reason to rejoice in the face of human suffering. 

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It is time to bring transparency, justice, and humanity into Australia's immigration detention regime

For twenty years the Commonwealth Government’s policies and practices have stolen people’s lives and liberty. For far too long this truth has been hidden in plain sight from the people of Australia. The shadow of privatised offshore immigration camps, and those held in detention onshore has concealed multitudes of issues - from alleged torture to systemic abuse. These have had devastating consequences including 37 cases of suicide linked to immigration detention. It's time to break the silence and demand accountability.
A petition has been launched, calling on the House to establish a Royal Commission into Australia's Immigration Detention. This commission will play a critical role in:
✔uncovering the truth;
✔reflecting on the evidence; and
✔producing recommendations to address the lack of transparency, truth and compliance by Australia in its commitment to human rights domestically and internationally.
Please sign the petition to uncover the truth 👇

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