Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

Pope Francis often returns to the theme of solidarity in recognition that we siblings and children of God. This recognition includes the responsibility to live in in solidarity with rich and poor - and caring for each other. As Jesus gives us the bread, his body, we experience ‘God's solidarity’ with humanity. Our celebration can become so routine that we fail to hear the call of the Gospel to engage and commune with our suffering sisters and brothers.

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Tragic landslide in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu

Trinity Sunday

Sorry Day

Today we are called to root ourselves in who God is, and who we are called to be.  Without getting into obscure God-language, this God is deeply in relationship and into relationship which is not meant to be “explained,” but entered into and enjoyed. Today’s feast invites us into a down-to-earth reflection on God and ourselves as disciples. Jesus reveals a God who is not only ‘for us’ but ‘with us’ and ‘within us.’ This should challenge any tendencies to individualism and isolation.

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