The Kyoto Protocol

Volume 7 Number 2

Imagine a world where there is no Antarctica or northern polar ice cap. Most of the world’s coastal areas are submerged under rising oceans. Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons are considerably more frequent, and far more powerful than they used to be. Places that used to have summer and winter now simply have wet and dry seasons.


Anti-terrorism powers: necessary measures or an assault on our rights?

Volume 7 Number 1

This Just Comment focuses on the use of greater police and intelligence powers to fight terrorism. While some argue the powers are necessary, others argue they are an attack on civil liberties.


The right to childhood: Australia and the child sex tourism phenomenon

Volume 6 Number 7

Child Sex Tourism (CST) is travel undertaken for the purpose of sexually exploiting children. It is a devastating, prolific phenomenon that is estimated to affect and involve over one million children in South East Asia alone and many more world wide.



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