Statement by Fr. Claude Mostowik msc Calling for Peace in Ukraine

ERC's Fr. Claude Mostowik msc is National President of Pax Christie Australia. Here is his statement on the situation in Ukraine. Please distribute the statement far and wide. ERC strongly supports this statement.

Pax Christi Australia absolutely condemns the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, as we do the invasion of any country. We believe that war is always a defeat for humanity and breaks the connections we have with one another on this planet.

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Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude Mostowik

Second Sunday of Lent

Last Sunday, Jesus was tempted in the wilderness towards the spectacular, magical and the powerful. He revealed who he was and who he was for. Like the Transfiguration, it was an ‘uncovering’ or unveiling of Jesus, and of God’s reign which is already present and at work even if we, like the sleeping disciples, do not notice it.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Pacific In Deep Water But Climate Tragedy Still Avoidable

Pacific Elders have responded to the latest climate science report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), stating that it spells a dire, but not unavoidable, future for Pacific nations.

The most comprehensive review of climate impacts and adaptation ever conducted confirms that human-induced climate change is driving widespread damages to nature and people, exposing human societies and the natural world to intolerable and irreversible risks, including killing people, damaging food production and livelihoods and destroying nature.

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