Myth: "Refugees are illiterate, innumerate and will steal our jobs."

This is a myth started by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. How can a person who cannot read and write or add up steal your job?  

As the Guardian Newspaper explained:

Putting aside for a moment that Australia takes refugees not because it needs their skills but because they need its protection, Peter Dutton was wrong in his statements to Sky News. The immigration minister’s own department, other branches of government, the parliamentary library and the bureaucrats who work for him say so.

In 2011, a report from the Department of Immigration found that refugees, on average, had higher levels of education than other migrants, greater entrepreneurial qualities, and often higher levels of participation in both paid and volunteer work.

There have been numerous studies that show refugees and their families have made a significant economic contribution to Australian society. If anything, jobs have been created as a result of refugees coming to our country. 

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