PCP at COP21 Paris

A delegation from the Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) attended the UNFCCC COP21 international climate conference in Paris in December 2015.

The delegation consisted of Maina Talia and Pulafagu Toafa from Tuvalu, Tinaai Teaua and Rae Bainteiti from Kiribati, Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang formerly from Kiribati – now from Australia, and Phil Glendenning and Jill Finnane from Australia.

The delegation’s main role was to find opportunities for the five Pacific islanders to speak out and be heard by the international community while at the same time developing their experience and expertise as international climate justice ambassadors.

It also aimed to cooperate with Kiribati and Tuvalu government delegations and help raise the profile of the Coalition of Atoll Nations (CANCC).

Read PCP's Conference report here.

Watch Phil Glendenning's reflections on the Paris Summit

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