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ERC -- Pacific Calling Partnership & ERC Eco Justice -- PCP at UNFCCC COP's: Paris; Doha; Durban; Cancun; Copenhagen; Bali.

Logo of UNFCCC COP21

PCP at COP21 Paris - Nov-Dec 2015

Pacific Calling Partnership at COP 21 Paris Nov/Dec 2015

A delegation from the Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) attended the UNFCCC COP21 international climate conference in Paris in December 2015.

The delegation consisted of Maina Talia and Pulafagu Toafa from Tuvalu, Tinaai Teaua and Rae Bainteiti from Kiribati, Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang formerly from Kiribati – now from Australia, and Phil Glendenning and Jill Finnane from Australia.

The delegation’s main role was to find opportunities for the five Pacific islanders to speak out and be heard by the international community while at the same time developing their experience and expertise as international climate justice ambassadors.

It also aimed to cooperate with Kiribati and Tuvalu government delegations and help raise the profile of the Coalition of Atoll Nations (CANCC).

Download this report here (781KB .pdf)

COP18 Doha Logo superimposed over the mud covered face of iKiribati boy (background photo: John Lewis)

PCP at COP18 - Doha 2012

PCP will be sending a delegation of four people to participate in the UNFCCC COP18 being held in Doha, Qatar from 26 Nov to 7th Dec 2012

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Logo of UNFCCC COP17 Durban, South Africa Nov-Dec 2011

PCP's Durban Diary - Reports from COP17 2011

Read reports from the PCP delegation that participated in the UNFCCC COP17 in Durban, South Africa , Nov-Dec 2011

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Opens new browser window to ERC YouTube channel to view the video of PCP presentation at COP16

Pacific Calling Partnership at UN Climate Summit

PCP at Cancun COP16 in Mexico Dec 2010

Click here to watch our 5min video on YouTube

Observations and reflections on UN Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico 29 Nov - 10 Dec 2010

There was less hype at Cancun than at Copenhagen. But there was significant international pressure to achieve an outcome that would build towards the major binding agreement that the world needs.... Read more

Carrying the message of low lying islands to COP16

The most public way the Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) has been involved at the UN Climate Summit COP16 has been through presenting events.... Read More

Whence the outcome we want at Cop 16

Sometimes single events cause a huge turn around. Sometimes change comes as a result of many cumulative forces. What I am sensing here is that changes in how we deal with climate change are going to be of the latter type. COP16 is but one step along the journey of responding to climate change.... Read more

What Pacific Calling Partnership did at COP15 Copenhagen

For the two weeks of the Copenhagen 2009 UN Climate Change Conference, the Pacific Calling Partnership’s delegation put the human face of climate change onto the international stage in the hope that the overwhelming international attention there will contribute to build up a groundswell of concern for the effects climate change is having on low lying Pacific Islands.

Click here to read the report (Doc, 40kb)

Copenhagen - Postcards to the Pacific

Regular updates from the Pacific Calling Partnshership / Edmund Rice Centre delegation that is attending Copenhagen UNFCCC COP15.

Tweeting from Copenhagen

ERC Director, Phil Glendenning is on Twitter and posting regular updates from Copenhagen where he is part of the ERC / PCP delegation to the UNFCCC COP15.

Read Phil's Copenhagen Tweets (opens Twitter in a new browser tab/window)

Patricia Corowa; Phil Glendenning (Director, Edmund Rice Centre); Sr Geraldine Kearney sgs; Tangaroa Arobati; Maria Tiimon; Jill Finnane; Penelise Alofa; Tom Zubrycki

PCP / ERC group depart Sydney: Copenhagen-bound

Delegation of Pacific Islanders, with Indigenous & non-Indigenous Australians depart Sydney for Copenhagen UN Climate Change Summit - COP15

Representatives from the Pacific Island communities most threatened by rising sea levels, will depart Sydney this week to attend the Copenhagen UN summit, together with Australian human rights advocates, to ensure that the human face of climate change is not forgotten.

The delegation consists of eight people:-

Participants from indigenous communities in Pacific Island Nations and in Australia are:-
  • Mr Tangaroa Arobati: from Kiribati; a geography teacher & participant in the Pacific Calling Partnership delegation to the Bali summit in 2007.
  • Ms Pelenise Alofa: from Kiribati; Managing Director, Kauaoki Foundation Enterprise (SDA) and Chairperson, Church Education Director's Association in Kiribati (CEDAK).
  • Ms Maria Tiimon: from Kiribati; currently working in Sydney as Pacific Outreach Officer for Pacific Calling Partnership.
  • Ms. Patricia Corowa: an Indigenous Australian who is also of Pacific Island descent (Vanuatu); retired public servant and not-retired activist.
The non Indigenous Australians are:-
  • Sister Geraldine Kearney, Advocate for Social Responsibility, Good Samaritan Sisters
  • Mr Phil Glendenning, Director, Edmund Rice Centre,
  • Ms Jill Finnane, Eco Justice Coordinator Edmund Rice Centre.
  • Mr Tom Zubrycki; film-maker.

The human face of climate change (Photo credit: Jonny Lewis ) ERC Media: Time to respond to the human face of climate change

Copenhagen: Delegation of Pacific Islanders and Australians depart for UN Summit

Representatives from the Pacific Island communities most threatened by rising sea levels, will travel to the Copenhagen UN summit this week, together with Australian human rights advocates, to ensure that the human face of climate change is not forgotten.

"For too long the climate change discussion has been an elitist debate between scientists, politicians, economists and environmentalists,” explained Phil Glendenning, director of the Edmund Rice Centre, and a member of the Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) delegation. “Our humanity is at stake and this elitism cannot be allowed to continue.”

 Read more

Copenhagen: A Peoples' Preparation - Across Rising Waters

Climate change advocates from within church groups in Australia are heading for the Pacific island nation of Kiribati to strategise with colleagues there, on how they will communicate the plight of the people of Kiribati at the UN Climate Change Summit when the two groups travel to Copenhagen together in December.

“The I-Kiribati and many other peoples in low-lying islands make minimal impact in causing rising sea levels but are asked by the rest of the world to pay the maximum price.” Mr Glendenning said.

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Latest News: (1) Just Comment 19.3: Nuclear Waste Dumps (2) Schools' Resource July 2016: Asylum Seekers & Refugees (3) PCP Open Ltr: Zero emissions by 2050


Recent Publications from ERC

Asylum Seekers - Schools Resource

ERC Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource Student Activities


ERC's publication Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource provides activities for students which are practical, engaging and focused on increasing awareness about human rights and advocacy. 

This 60 page resource is available for download at no cost, and offers 35 cross-curricular activities, adaptable to all year levels in secondary school. Some activities can also be used with primary classes, with students with special needs, and with community groups.

Students are encouraged to think about asylum seekers and refugees with compassion, to move their understanding from the head to the heart.

Read more 

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URGENT! Support our work for asylum seekers.

Update: ERC Director, Phil Glendenning, recently returned to Australia from Afghanistan after 10 days interviewing returned asylum seekers again in Kabul.

ERC is redoubling our efforts to find a third-country resettlement option for those returnees from Australia with whom we have been able to make contact. We need financial support to achieve this.

Such work uncovers high levels of risk for the deportees (and for our researchers). Research publications are available here.

Listen to Phil speak of the visit to ABC Radio National's Phillip Adams.

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