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ERC Deportations Research - Deported to Danger - Background

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Copies of travel documents collected by deportation researchers

Deported To Danger - Background

Investigation into the fate of deported people

Reports of death, disappearance, imprisonment and torture, of fear-filled lives spent in hiding, privation and despair have filtered back to Australia about some people Australia has removed after disallowing their claims for protection on refugee or humanitarian grounds.

Disquiet about this situation was expressed to the 2000 Senate Committee by bodies such as HREOC (Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission), Amnesty International, the Australian Refugee Council and various legal aid and trauma treatment organisations.

In 2002 a coalition of religious groups, COPAS, including leaders from the major Christian denominations, Jewish, Moslem and Buddhist groups, petitioned the Federal Government to heed the reports of terrible things happening to some deportees and cease sending people to countries where protection of their safety and rights is  very problematic. The study reported here was designed to clarify the situation behind this widespread disquiet.

Following significant disquiet expressed by a range of organisations at a 2000 Senate Inquiry, the Edmund Rice Centre's Phil Glendenning, along with Sr Carmel Leavey, Mrs Margaret Hetherton and Dr Tony Morris from the Australian Catholic University commenced an investigation into the fate of asylum seekers deported from Australia.

The results have been disturbing with evidence of false documentation and asylum seekers left in unsafe environments, often outside the law of the country they are returned to.

The information uncovered by this research has led to the publication of several reports; submissions and testimony given to Federal parliamentary enquiries; public meetings; investigations by Federal police into allegations of illegal actions by immigration officials; extensive media coverage; and most recently production of a documentary film.

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Recent Publications from ERC

Asylum Seekers - Schools Resource

ERC Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource Student Activities


ERC's publication Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource provides activities for students which are practical, engaging and focused on increasing awareness about human rights and advocacy. 

This 60 page resource is available for download at no cost, and offers 35 cross-curricular activities, adaptable to all year levels in secondary school. Some activities can also be used with primary classes, with students with special needs, and with community groups.

Students are encouraged to think about asylum seekers and refugees with compassion, to move their understanding from the head to the heart.

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Update: ERC Director, Phil Glendenning, recently returned to Australia from Afghanistan after 10 days interviewing returned asylum seekers again in Kabul.

ERC is redoubling our efforts to find a third-country resettlement option for those returnees from Australia with whom we have been able to make contact. We need financial support to achieve this.

Such work uncovers high levels of risk for the deportees (and for our researchers). Research publications are available here.

Listen to Phil speak of the visit to ABC Radio National's Phillip Adams.

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