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Located just 100 metres to the south of Flemington Railway Station. Link to new location on Google Maps

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Phil Glendenning

Phil Glendenning

Phil has been the Director of the Edmund Rice Centre since its inception in 1996 and is currently the President of the Refugee Council of Australia.

With a background in education, law, political science, and overseas aid and development, today he is primarily involved in human right advocacy and education, peace and reconciliation work, raising awareness of the impact of climate change on marginalised peoples.

Phil's work for the rights of Indigenous people saw him co-found Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) in 1997, and for ten years he was National President.

He has served on the Boards of the Australian Council for Social Service (ACOSS), various committees of the Australian Council for Overseas Aid, and the Centre for an Ethical Society.

In his work for the rights of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Phil led the Edmund Rice Centre’s research team for the Deported to Danger series which monitored the safety of rejected asylum seekers in 22 countries, and resulted in an internationally screened documentary, “A Well Founded Fear”, in 2008. He was a consultant on the 2012 TV series “Go Back to Where You Came From”.
In conjunction with the Pacific Calling Partnership, he has been part of delegations to Pacific Island nations, particularly Kiribati, monitoring the impact of Climate Change on the population and joining them in international forums to advocate for change. He is widely sought after for media comment and consultancy in Australia and overseas.

In 2007, Phil was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Australian Catholic University and was also recognised by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) with the Sir Ron Wilson Award for Human Rights. In September, 2014 Baptistcare Western Australia presented Phil the CEO's Award for Advocacy. This Award is made to an individual who demonstrates significant commitment to advocating on behalf of the communities that Baptistcare serve.

Cassandra Gibbs

Cassandra Gibbs

A Gamilaraay woman from Goodooga, in north-western New South Wales, Cassandra has been working with the Edmund Rice Centre since 1999 as the Indigenous Education Officer. In this role Cassandra coordinates the Centre's immersion, Indigenous education and reconciliation programs which explore Aboriginal culture through relationships and dialogue.

Cassandra is a gifted artist and was called upon to paint the central thematic piece of artwork for the International Edmund Rice Network Youth Justice Gathering held in Sydney in August 2008.

Jill Finnane

Jill Finnane

Jill coordinates ERC's EcoJustice campaign and is co-convenor of the Pacific Calling Partnership. She commenced working at ERC in 2004 as the Coordinator of the Edmund Rice Earth Charter Project. She is an active member of the CLRI(NSW) Social Justice Committee.

Jill had previously worked for Action for World Development (AWD) where she conducted community education in fair trade and sustainable development and ran permaculture courses. In this role she was a foundation member of the World Development Tea Co-op., and continues to support its successor Trade Winds Tea & Coffee. 

Jill is a published author having co-written her first book When You Grow Up with Constance Nungulla McDonald, a Kimberley woman. Her second book Turning Lawns into Lunch was launched in March 2005.

Paul Wijngaarden

Paul Wijngaarden

Paul is a key member of ERC's admin team.

Paul migrated to Australia from Holland in the 1950s, the eldest son of a family of 8 children. His personal experience of displacement and the assistance he received from the teachings of Edmund Rice formed a concern about issues of social justice: he wants to keep Australia an open, welcoming and caring society. Paul has many years of experience in the banking sector.

Daphne McKeough

Daphne McKeough

Daphne, a Sister of Mercy of the Wilcannia-Forbes communities, has a long-standing interest and involvement in working to develop awareness of Aboriginal culture and justice issues. Born in Condobolin, in Wiradjuri country in central New South Wales, much of her working life has been in the educational scene in the western areas of the state.

In recent years she convened the task force on Aboriginal issues for the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, and led 'The Time for Rebirth is Now' project for New South Wales Sisters of Mercy, aimed at addressing racism and developing partnership with Aboriginal people.

At the Edmund Rice Centre she is involved with strategy and planning.

Claude Mostowick

Claude Mostowik

Claude Mostowik, a Catholic priest and member of the community of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, came to the Edmund Rice Centre in 2004. In that time Claude has assisted in research and publications on various publications of the Edmund Rice Centre such as Just Comment and Just News.

Claude is Director of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Justice and Peace Centre based at Erskineville. Claude is active within Pax Christi and is currently National President and NSW convenor. He is an active member of the Social Justice Committee of the Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutions (CLRI-NSW), as well as being a member of a number of peace and social justice groups.

Sean Cleary

Sean Cleary

From his base ERC's Brisbane Annexe, Sean takes a lead role with ERC's International Programs, assists with our media and communications interface and coordinates the ERC website. He played a key role also in the development of the Brooklyn Project - including the development of a separate website for that project.

Originally from Adelaide, Sean's focus on social justice and human rights is rooted in the eleven years that he worked in Central America - including nine years support work with refugees who were returning to rebuild their lives in El Salvador's war zone.

Since returning to Australia in 1999 Sean has sought to build solidarity links with Latin America through the ERC international immersions program and through the Oscar Romero International Christian Solidarity Network SICSAL

Carmel Clarke

Carmel Clark

Carmel is a support worker across a number of projects at ERC. She played a lead role with HARDA and more recently has worked closely on the Brooklyn Project.
Steve Cram

Steve Cram

A Christian Brother, Steve founded and coordinates ERC's Asylum Seeker support project. The project has grown out of Stewve's involvement with the House of Welcome, where he became aware of the very practical needs confronting asylum seekers is setting up a household in Sydney with very limited financial means.

Steve's background is in education. He was previously working in various administrative roles in boarding schools. He thought of the Edmund Rice Centre as a good way of meeting the needs of the marginalised and disadvantaged and joined the team in 2000, helping with administration.

Steve is an active member of the Social Justice Committee of the Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutions (CLRI-NSW). He has also had an active involvement in Wollongong, in a supported accommodation unit for homeless young people.

John Sweeney

John Sweeney

John's employment with ERC ended in mid-April 2016.

His work was in support of asylum seekers, research, and he had coordinated the Edmund Rice Business Ethics Initiative, whilst also administering ERC's IT network.  

Marisa Brattoni

Marisa Brattoni

Marisa has a background in education and came to ERC from the School of Education at Australian Catholic University, Strathfield.
Maria Tiimon Chi-fang

Maria Tiimon Chi-fang

Maria Tiimon Chi-fang works as Pacific Outreach Project Officer for the Pacific Calling Partnership and comes from the island nation of Kiribati right on the equator in the Pacific and one of the places in our region most at risk from the effects of climate change.

Maria presents the face of climate affected communities that have few resources to adapt. Maria is working to build links between Pacific Island Migrant Communities with the Partnership, and to increase their awareness of how Climate Change is affecting islands in the Pacific.

In the time that she has been with the Partnership Maria has made a huge impact on all who have met her. She combines a care for the future of her own people with a generous and graceful concern to bring people gradually and positively to an understanding of the kinds of decisions industrialised societies need to make if we are to extend the amount of time her people can continue to live on their islands.

Gary Wellsmore

Gary Wellsmore

Gary is a Christian Brother and works as part of ERC's admin support team.
Kateia Kaikai

Kateia Kaikai

Kateia - from Kiribati - is a part of ERC's EcoJustice team and works with a primary focus on the Pacific Calling Partnership campaign.
Marita McInerney

Marita McInerney

Marita works as part of the ERC's EcoJustice team.
Heonsik Cha

Heonsik Cha

Cha provides support and advice to other staff for using the computer network in the ERC office.
Lex Hall

Lex Hall

Lex has been a long term worker at ERC, coordinating library resources and archive material.
John Corbett

John Corbett

John is a Christian Brother and works as part of ERC's admin support team.
Michelle Bucci

Michelle Bucci

Michelle works as part of ERC's admin support team

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Recent Publications from ERC

Asylum Seekers - Schools Resource

ERC Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource Student Activities


ERC's publication Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource provides activities for students which are practical, engaging and focused on increasing awareness about human rights and advocacy. 

This 60 page resource is available for download at no cost, and offers 35 cross-curricular activities, adaptable to all year levels in secondary school. Some activities can also be used with primary classes, with students with special needs, and with community groups.

Students are encouraged to think about asylum seekers and refugees with compassion, to move their understanding from the head to the heart.

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Update: ERC Director, Phil Glendenning, recently returned to Australia from Afghanistan after 10 days interviewing returned asylum seekers again in Kabul.

ERC is redoubling our efforts to find a third-country resettlement option for those returnees from Australia with whom we have been able to make contact. We need financial support to achieve this.

Such work uncovers high levels of risk for the deportees (and for our researchers). Research publications are available here.

Listen to Phil speak of the visit to ABC Radio National's Phillip Adams.

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